What items do you offer?
Tortilla Shells . Water crackers . English Muffins . Powdered Donuts
Brie Cheese  Entertainment crackers . Vanilla Wafers . Beverage Toppers . Graham Crackers . Marshmallows . Hot Dog Buns . Hamburger Buns Stroopwafels . Sliced Bread . Saltines . Naked Sugar Cookies . Iced Oatmeal Cookies . Pita Bread . Pancakes . Bagels . Macarons . Cupcake toppers . Cake Frosting Sheets and more.....
What is used to create the graphic? Is it safe to eat?
We customize the products by using 100% FDA approved edible inks. So everything on our website is totally safe to eat!
Do you make the items that you customize?

We do not manufacture the products. All items shown on our website are sourced  fresh from well known National Suppliers.

 If I have a particular name brand product that I would like used for my order can you source that locally? Or can I send that item directly to you for customization?

We do have certain brands that we prefer to use and that work the best with our process. However, if there is a particular brand of graham cracker that you would like used please email us at hello@theedibleprintshop.com.  We're happy to discuss possibilities with you. *Please note that there may an additional fee that is assessed in order to acquire a requested brand item that we do not currently offer.

What is the turnaround time before I can expect my order to be shipped?

We understand that some of the products that we offer have a shorter shelf life than others. So during non peak season, most orders placed for in house items under 1,500 pcs can be ready to ship in as little as 3 - 5 business days. Transit time is based on the delivery zip code and shipping method chosen. Please note that we do highly recommend ordering early to ensure freshness and availability of the requested fulfillment/delivery date.

Are you able to do PMS color matching?
Unfortunately, since we are using edible inks to customize the items we cannot guarantee exact color matches. However, we do our absolute best to get as close to the original color as possible. Please note that with the items that do not have a white or light colored surface that certain colors may not appear in the exact shade that you may anticipate. If there is any question feel free to message us before ordering. We are happy to share an actual color specific printed sample for you to review.